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Watch: P1 Artificial Intelligence Robot Successfully Tested in Forest Lands

The two-legged artificial intelligence robot P1 produced by the Chinese company LimX Dynamics successfully completed its training course in the

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Hardware and software security in 11th generation servers

Posted by: Saeed Rad 08 April 1403 at 09:00Security is of utmost importance in today's world, especially for servers that

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Mark Zuckerberg is looking to recruit DeepMind artificial intelligence researchers

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, is trying to attract and hire AI talent. According to published reports, Meta's boss

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What is the best phone to play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile?

According to a new report, the ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro has managed to show a brilliant performance compared to

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China's 1,000-kilometer-range hydrogen train successfully tested: a big step toward clean transportation

Posted by: Moin Karimi 07 April 1403 at 08:36China's hydrogen train was successfully tested. This train will travel 1000 km

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OpenAI's CEO wants to take Sora AI to Hollywood

OpenAI is one of the main pillars of the world of artificial intelligence, whose products have greatly influenced various fields.

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The world's fastest artificial intelligence chip was unveiled

Cerebras Systems has unveiled its Wafer Scale Engine 3 chip (WSE-3), which is the world's fastest artificial intelligence chip.Equipped with

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Bessus AirGo 1 Ring earbud with special design and attractive features was unveiled

Posted by: Moin Karimi 06 April 1403 at 08:41With its open design, Bessus AirGo 1 Ring earbuds offer 360-degree sound,

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A new artificial intelligence that can design antibiotics

Researchers from McMaster University in Canada and Stanford University in the US have developed a new generative artificial intelligence model

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Nvidia CEO: Artificial intelligence will conquer the gaming world

Artificial intelligence will take over the gaming world in the next few years, according to the new statements of Nvidia

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The strange claim of buying land on Mars by Dr. Hasabi: fact or rumor?

Posted by: Moin Karimi 05 April 1403 at 08:32Iraj Hasabi has made an interesting claim that Dr. Hasabi bought a

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Artificial intelligence can now help detect false statements

Researchers have recently developed a tool to help artificial intelligence detect lies by users. Of course, this tool is currently

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Fast, stable and secure WordPress hosting

Choosing a suitable WordPress host is one of the most important decisions faced by WordPress and WooCommerce website designers. WordPress

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Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE; All the news and rumors about Samsung's economic folding phone

Posted by: Sina Sepahrian 04 April 1403 at 08:26According to existing rumors, Samsung will soon unveil a cheaper model of

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Nvidia is reportedly working on replacing nurses with artificial intelligence + video

Nvidia has officially announced a new partnership with a company called Hippocratic AI, which can apparently provide an alternative to

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