Intel gives more than 9 billion dollars in chip production orders to TSMC

Intel has ordered the production of its Arc GPUs from TSMC since 2022, and now it seems that the company plans to increase its orders from the Taiwanese company in

By IT Technology 1 Min Read

The best shopping malls in Dubai – Fly Today

Do you also love shopping? So the trip to Dubai will be very lovely and exciting for you! In Dubai, you can visit countless shopping centers in this city and

By TakeOff 27 Min Read
Chinese researchers succeeded in converting human thoughts into voice speech

Chinese researchers claimed to have developed a kind of mind-reading machine. What

2 Min Read
Get to know the best artificial intelligence tools for creating images

Over the past few months, new AI tools used to create images

5 Min Read
Story feature came to Telegram

Posted by: Amirhossein Khorrami July 31, 1402 at 10:21The story function was

3 Min Read
The new price of Samsung mobile phones in July 1402

phone nameMemoryRAMPriceSamsung Galaxy Z Fold45121274 million and 500 thousand tomansSamsung Galaxy Z

3 Min Read
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Instagram’s official unveiling of the special section of NFTs; Meta is looking for a new market

Instagram's Non-Featured Tokens (NFT) pilot project is the first step

6 Min Read

Why is the price of Tether higher than the dollar?

In general, the costs of indirect supply of Tether from

9 Min Read

Market situation: 60 billion dollar market collapse in 2 days

The market value of digital currencies fell below 800 billion

3 Min Read

Dipal S7 electric SUV was introduced; Joint product of Huawei, Changan and CATL

Dipal S7 electric SUV with a range of over 1000

5 Min Read

Entering Canada after obtaining a visa zero to one hundred necessary steps

open an account Opening an account in a reputable bank is the most important step you should take after entering the territory of any country. To receive money and do financial affairs, you need to open an account, and it

8 Min Read

Latest Passing over countries : Spain | Dominica | United Arab Emirates

What are the 9 memorable flavors of Cypriot cuisine?

For you, food may be just a combination of several ingredients that together can turn hunger into satiety; Some may be to your liking and some may not be. But

By TakeOff 9 Min Read
Bamboo forest in Japan + attractions + pictures

To the north of Kyoto, the Japanese bamboo forest is

13 Min Read
The best shopping malls in Dubai – Fly Today

Do you also love shopping? So the trip to Dubai

27 Min Read
Damage to the historical sites of Alborz due to unauthorized excavations

Unauthorized excavations have killed many historical sites in Alborz province,

2 Min Read
Travelogue of Istanbul: dream city and paradise of cats

This work was submitted by a participant for Hezarvik Safar

14 Min Read
What is a US tourist visa? – Traveller

American tourist visa And how to immigrate to America has been the

11 Min Read
What is vaginal douching and is it good? + How to use vaginal douche

Is about Vaginal douche And do you have any information about the

8 Min Read
What should we eat to treat heatstroke? Quick fix of heatstroke at home

The summer season has arrived, and knowing how to treat heatstroke quickly

8 Min Read
Proper nutrition for fetal heart formation

In this article from Alamo, we describe the proper nutrition for the

7 Min Read

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Acer released its first AMD graphics card

At the Computex 2023 exhibition, Acer showed its interest in the production of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, and now

By IT Technology 2 Min Read
What is a Visa? –

A visa is an official document that allows the bearer to legally

7 Min Read
Where to buy cheap clothes in Istanbul tour?

Where to buy cheap clothes in Istanbul? Usually, everyone who travels to

8 Min Read

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The best fashion schools in the world in neighboring countries

Until now, students who were interested in the world of


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Introducing the types of eyeliner and the advantages and disadvantages of each type

What is eyeliner? Review of 11 types of eyeliner Eyeliner can be found in most women's cosmetic bag. Using eyeliner

16 Min Read

How is the EB-5 visa a unique opportunity to study and permanently reside in the United States?

America has long been a dream destination for many international applicants to study, work and live. The government of this

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Ferdous Garden, Tehran Guide to visiting and introducing cafes

Undoubtedly, one of the spaces that encourages you to stop a little on your way from Valiasr Street to Tajrish

15 Min Read

Google begins development of an augmented reality microscope

Google plans to develop a new tool called an augmented reality microscope with the help of artificial intelligence technology, which

2 Min Read

Sightseeing places in Urmia; From Tammeh Cave to Marsargiz Church

Beautiful Urmia has hundreds of natural and historical tourist attractions that we have heard less about. Apart from the lake

14 Min Read

Nvidia sold 900 tons of artificial intelligence chips in the second quarter of the year

According to a new report from research firm Omdia, chip giant Nvidia sold 900 tons of its H100 GPU in

4 Min Read

Google guided a motorcyclist to the destroyed bridge

Mr. Paxson died on September 22, 2022 after falling from a damaged bridge in Hickory, and his family is trying

1 Min Read

The problem of opening the Galaxy Watch 6 strap is related to its design

Some users of the Galaxy Watch complained about the design of the Galaxy Watch band and stated that this design

2 Min Read

What is copy trading? Learning how to do copy trading in digital currency transactions

Copy trading, as the name suggests, means copying the trading strategy of another trader. This method is suitable for new

31 Min Read

What is feminine hygiene gel? Application + how to use it

What is feminine hygiene gel? Application + how to use it Do you also suffer from bad vaginal odor or

17 Min Read

What is the cause of fat accumulation in 6 common parts of the body?

Where is your excess weight? What is the cause of fat accumulation in these

10 Min Read

ca 8th express entry draw based on (category-based) 2023

What is Express Entry?Express Entry is the application management system for three Canadian immigration programs: Canada Experience Class, Federal Skilled

1 Min Read

Benefits of studying in Italy with a diploma – Dr. Mehrayin Mokhbari Immigration Institute

Last update: 29 September 1402 Studying in Italian universities with a diploma is a dream that is not far from

18 Min Read

Sightseeing places Attractions and entertainment

Shahr Khoi may not be the most important place in West Azerbaijan, but it is undoubtedly one of the oldest

21 Min Read

For the first time, the outflow of a young star was recorded by James Webb

NASA's James Webb telescope has captured images of the Herbig Harrow phenomenon, which is a high-speed bipolar jet stream in

2 Min Read