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Editor-in-chief of Canada

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Why is Denmark known as the happiest country to study?

Denmark is known as the happiest country in the world, but how do the people of this country manage to

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Networking and networking for startups in Canada

Canada is always looking to attract new ideas for economic development and growth. In this regard, the Canadian startup visa

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American EB2 visa; From conditions to costs in 2024

There are different types of employment-based or EB visas, one example of which is the US EB2 visa. This sample

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American EB1 visa 2024; From collecting documents to obtaining a visa

There are different types of visas for temporary or permanent stay in America, each of which requires its own conditions

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Francois Lugo's reaction to Trudeau's decision

Today, at my own request, I had a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss immigration. We are

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Trudeau: I disagree with Quebec's request for independence in terms of attracting immigrants

Trudeau said clearly in the media meeting after this meeting: "No! We are not going to give (Quebec) more power

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The best student cities in Australia

Studying abroad, especially in Australia, seems to be an important and attractive step. In this country, you can not only

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Giving birth while flying to Toronto

Canadian news Canada NEWSKhabar Kanada is an independent Farsi-language media that publishes news from Canada, Iran and the whole world

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5 advantages of studying a master's degree in Switzerland

When we talk about Switzerland, we think of a prosperous, rich country, snowy mountain scenery, diverse job opportunities and kind

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Types of companies in Canada + advantages and disadvantages 2024

In Canada, as in other countries, different types of companies with different structures can be established. Choosing the type of

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Tragedy in Ottawa – Canadian news

On Wednesday night, the bodies of six people, including four children and two adults, were found in a home west

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Advantages of studying psychology in London

London, one of the largest and most fascinating cities in the world, is a place that everyone dreams of visiting

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Advantages of studying psychology in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most international and developed cities in Europe. Due to its lively, diverse and calm city

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Letter of support for a Canadian startup visa

What is letter of support? Business plan support by a reputable organization To confirm and register the company in Canada

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Free education in Germany Esthetebanati Institute

Free study migration to Germany is one of the goals of many students around the world. In this country, you

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